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Alright guys. I have (what I believe) is a relatively unique situation I need assistance with. I have a substantial amount of Phillips Hue products that I recently had installed in an apartment. I am currently living in a RV Camper while my significant other and I search from a home.

I knew I needed a wired connection to run the Hue Bridge so I purchased a MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4-COMBO 4G/LTE Router on amazon. That was actually MUCH more of a pain in my a$$ to get setup than I anticipated. Had to drop it off at a local Verizon store and it took them about 3 hours with their tech support to work through whatever the hell the needed to work through. Bottom-line is that I now have internet connection AND a router that I can hook up RJ-45 network connections to. I thought that would be good enough for this particular situation.

My Amazon Fire Cube is working perfectly via wired connection through the router. However, when I attempt to connect my Hue Bridge and Hue lights, I keep getting this error:

"Could not download the update. Make sure you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network."

Ok, I guess my question is... How do I get around this? Is there some way to trick the app into recognizing my current router (which is 4G LTE) as a "Home Wi-Fi Network?"

Does it have anything to do with needing a static IP address for my Router?

Can anyone help this idiot turn his RV into a smart RV?

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You don't need to trick the Hue into seeing the Mofi as a router, it doesn't know whether your Internet connection is cable or satellite or 4G. Your router having a static IP should also not be relevant. I assume you are plugging the Hue into one of the yellow ports?

How were you able to get your Fire Cube working, was it just plug and play? Or did you have to assign a static IP address?

FYI I also have a Mofi router with Hue connected with no issues. If you report back with answers we should be able to figure out a way to get this working. First guesses are:
- Mofi is not set to DHCP and is not assigning an IP address to the Hue.
- Some different DNS servers need to be entered on the Mofi.

I now have internet connection AND a router
I assume you mean that the Mofi is functioning as both your modem and router, correct? You don't have a separate router, correct?
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