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Intel wireless keyboard & mouse orphans

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Intel is getting out of the comsumer product business and going back to its core manufacturing, the integrated circuits. This directly affects the wireless series keyboard, game control, and mouse.


Having owned the very excellent keyboard for three months now, I can say that it is an excellent, quality product. The mouse works great with one limitation, which is battery usage. With nickel metal hydride rechargables, even this problem didn't turn out to be that big. Expect closeouts and fire sale pricing on the wireless accessories. If you need the game pads, etc. don't wait too long.
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Just got a deal from CompUSA for a base station+mouse and a gamepad for $40. There is a $30 rebate (that is supposedly expired, but I called and asked and they said to send it in!)

So total outlay is $10. I didn't need a keyboard at first, (My Pronto-compatible Philips is still king) but now I'm regretting not getting the Keyboard as well.

I want to snare one more gamepad as well as the keyboard.

I was SO hoping they'd produce a joystick. Too bad.
thats great, if anyone wants to sell me a gamepad or 2, i take it, hard to buy this stuff in canada

[email protected]
I also have the wireless keyboard/mouse/gamepad and saw this news earlier today. My initial thought was good news because throught I might be able to pick another up cheap.

It would be great if anyone finds the Intel wireless set cheap would tell everyone where on the board.

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