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Middleton, WI- Intelix LLC, U.S. manufacturer of audio/video equipment and software, recently announced the release of the DIGI-VGA-F, which distributes VGA video and professional-level 20 Hz to 20 kHz audio up to 850 feet over standard structured cabling such Cat 5 or Cat 6.

The DIGI-VGA-F is our latest audio/video over Cat 5 extension solution, and the second in our new DigiCat series of audio/video extension products, states Cameron Smith, Intelix Sales and Marketing Manager. Our goal was to combine Intelix's industry-leading audio and video extension technology with high-quality distribution amplification circuits. The result is an extremely high-quality VGA and audio balun set with very unique features.

Built-in distribution amplifiers provide the DIGI-VGA-F send balun with a local audio/video output nd the receive balun dual amplified audio/video outputs. The second channel on the receive balun may be used for linking in applications requiring daisy-chaining or distributing the signal to two destinations in close proximity.

In addition, the receive balun provides brightness, contrast, and overall picture quality adjustment for skew-free performance over standard Cat 5 cabling.

Sold as a complete kit, the DIGI-VGA-F includes a send balun, a receive balun, two power supplies, and a USB power cable. The kit is powered on both the send and receive end with either two 12 VDC power supplies or optional USB power on the send unit.

Retail price for the DIGI-VGA-F is $563.95.

The Intelix DIGI-VGA-F is shipping February 1, 2007.

Intelix offers the broadest line of baluns in the professional AV marketplace, including solutions for analog and digital audio, microphones, multiple formats of video, VGA, DVI, HDMI, PS2, and USB. In addition to baluns, Intelix manufactures an extensive line of serial controlled mic/line, matrix, room-combine, and automatic mixers. Complete product information is available from the Intelix web site, www.intelix.com , or by calling 1-866-4-MATMIX.
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