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I could not find this posted after a quick search, may just have missed it.

There seems to be a problem with Panasonic plasmas, not sure if all of them, interacting with the remote receiver on Cisco 435 DVRs. I have had this problem with both my current VT60 and a previous VT20. The effect is that the DVR responds sluggishly to remote commands, frequently needing multiple attempts to get action. I think that the DVR does not have good light filtering and the modulated light from the plasma interferes with the remote modulation. The sluggish performance was there with both the Verizon/Cisco remote and a Harmony One.

A simple solution is to put a Light Dim over the Cisco receiver on the front panel. In my case it made an immediate and drastic improvement in remote response. In other forums, folks have gone to the extreme of adding a remote extender and blocking the DVR receiver, but a Light Dim seems to work perfectly. The Light Dim seems to attenuate the interference well and does not seem to have affected the proper remote signal. And who thought they were just for hiding too-bright LEDs on front panels?

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