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I am doing a large Crestron based retro into my home. One issue that I have still to resolve is the intercom.

The most important job for the intercom to perform is room monitoring specifically for our small childrens room. Essentially I want fully integrated baby monitors! As an intercom is capable of so much more, especially when couple with our 9 video camera's I would like to make sure I am getting a system that go perform the primary function extremely well at the same time as accomplishing the other goals that go along with an intercom.

Can anyone comment on the audio quality/ microphone quality out of the various on wall Crestron touch panels when paired up with Barix and Holovision as part of an intercom system? Will my wife be able to hear the babys breathing in the night if so desired?

I really look forward to any feedback on the recommended system above or any other system that might be up to the task while riding on the Crestron backbone I have going in.

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