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In my journey of building my first screen I had an interesting result at one of the steps.

I couldn't find BOC wide enough, and I wanted a screen Monday, so I went out and bought a 180 thread count white bed sheet 6 bucks at wallmart.

My original concept was to do the MM wall type method just on BOC and now a bedsheet...lol.

So I riged up the frame and streched the cloth. I didn't stretch it to tight because I knew it was going to shink massively when the first coat of paint dried and sealed it.

I applied a coat of Krylon latex acrylic silver metallic rolled on till the fabric was saturated.

It dried and tighened up nicely. I applied two more coats to the back of the screen. While inspecting it I noticed some very unique properties. The screen appeared non reflective...very medium grey in fact. Mostly due to the paint being absorbed by the cloth. Here is the kicker. All of the metal flake was now sitting on top of the material. So it appeared non - Reflective in ambient light but shine a flashlight on it and you can definiatly tell there is a huge difference. I also noticed a huge amount of contrast between my ultra white wall and the painted bed sheet. The light seemed to spread very evenly across the whole surface. I am not sure if there was any real gain. I imagine coating with a matte clear would improve any cone.

I am going to continue on with my current crt screen project, but I thought my results were kind of interesting and those looking for a higher gain silver screen may be interested as it may solve some of the hot spotting issues associated with higher gain DIY screens.

Has anyone else experimented with non-coated fabrics and paints?

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