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The issue I'm having is whenever I play stereo music through my system, most of the bass only seems to come out of the L and R speakers. Even with bass heavy music like hip-hop, the sub is hardly producing any sound. If I go over and put my finger on the woofer of the sub I can feel it moving but somtimes only barely.

Movies with lots of bass such as Tron or Master and Commander, come out sounding very loud, making use of the sub.

Here's my setup.

Source for movies/music: PS3 via HDMI

Reciever: Onkyo 606

Speakers: L and R: Paradigm 7's rev 4 Center: Paradigm cc-370

The front speakers are cross over at 60hz, sub crossed at 120hz. I've verified all speakers are connected to the proper outputs on the reciever.

Hope thats enough info. The only way I can get more bass from music to the sub is to cross the L and R speakers at 100hz, but even then it still dosen't sound right. The only way I can get a satisfactory amount of bass out of the sub with music is to set the front speakers to full range and turn on double bass on the receiver. However that isn't an optimal setup as movies push to much bass through the front speakers. I'm at a loss, any help or advice I could get would be money.
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