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Interesting theoretical question for screens

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OK, so this is kind of a dumb question. I was wondering if screen gain (or the efficiency of light reflection) could affect the ability of a remote control to bounce off a screen and back to your projector. Example: out of 100 button presses, would a screen with 6.0 gain bounce the IR signal back more often than a .8 gain screen (or even an AT fabric weave screen). Along the same lines, would a retro-reflective screen bounce the IR signal directly back to you and not upward to your ceiling mounted projector?

Light is a form of energy and infrared is another form of energy (with a little larger wavelength, so it might negate the reflective properties of a screen) but I don't see any reason that it should behave differently, now whether it has any practical considerations is another thing altogether. Just a little brain candy for the science students out there.
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