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Interfacing a PVR output to an analogue co-ax TV system

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Found it difficult to think of an adequate title to my question!

We have a home theatre (HT) with a LG PVR HD Set-top Box (STB) which works fine when used in the HT. In the rest of the house we have a distributed analogue TV system with a normal terrestrial antenna system (via co-ax).

I would like to be able to take the coaxial output from the STB (which my LG PVR has) and transmit that to the rest of the house so I could watch a previously recorded program from the PVR HD on another TV in the house. I was thinking I could just use some kind of splitter to transmit the output back into the TV coax network, and tune the TV's around the rest of the house to receive that signal (probably some UHF frequency), just as I would if the PVR was plugged directly into the back of the TV. I believe that the LG PVR co-ax output is downscaled to SD as it works when plugged directly into the TV.

I hope I have described this OK and would appreciate any replies/suggestions.
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I think you need an rf modulator to inject the signal into your cable stream as an unused channel. I have heard this described for a SD cable network. May have trouble injecting if you have HD cable. I have heard that one SD cable channel uses maybe 4 HD channels and finding 4 unused ones together may be hard.
To clarify. The RF out (I assume it is RF as it is a "normal" TV coaxial plug output from the STB) is SD as I understand it, not HD. The STB/ PVR is a LG LST-5402. When I plug this output directly into my SD CRT TV, the signal is fine. I now want to route the same output signal into the existing TV Coax distribution network cabling - is this where I need the "RF modulator" you refer to?

Can you give me a name and model of a cost effective model please.
I don't think that you need a RF modulator, your "F" connector output is already modulated.

But you might need an antenna amplifier to feed the system.
Kevin, thanks - this sounds more like my intuitive feeling. So the question is: How do I connect the output into the system - some kind of splitter?
Do you want to use the STB instead of the antenna or use both?

I assume that the STB will output on Channel #3 or #4.

What channels will the antenna receive?
I would prefer to use both - just gives me more flexibility on selecting chanels - I could watch a differrent channel in other parts of the house to the one that the STB is connected to.

Regarding the channel, I will have to check at home which one the STB is on, and what the FTA (free to air) channels are.
I think it depends on what's going to happen when you have both plugged in at the same time. I have a cable box that will only output on either but not both. I also have a DVD player that will output component or s-video but not both. I find both units a bit perplexing in this respect.

So the solution for me was, in fact, a switcher to take the various component, s-video, and composite feeds, and then a RF converter. For good measure I also have Signal Vision amplifier on the coax to put 15db back into the signal to make up for long runs that also get split for the 3 upstairs TV's.

To take care of being able to either watch the same channel (or for that matter any other component located in the HT downstairs) or make each TV independent on each other, I use a simple coax A/B switch on each. I'm rather fond of this one from Radio Shack (I know!) http://www.radioshack.com/product/in...entPage=search because not only does it have the IR remote but it also has a neat push button switch on top of the box itself.
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