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Interlaced signal from HTPC on RGB+HV (Expert help needed)

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Hi to all...

I may look calm to you,but i`m not...

I have set the HTPC video card (Radeon) for interlaced with the new Catalyst 4.1 and it`s been working great on my computer monitor so i hooked it up to the NEC PG-6 projector and setup a new input for it. It played nice for about 5 minuets and then started the problem...

The PJ lost sync and the picture tubes turned on and the screen turned reddish pink.

I turned it off in panic and since then i can`t get rid of this problem even though i switched the HTPC back to progressive resolution,same as i had before.

Now when i turn on the PJ i get a picture for about 5 seconds and it goes back to the lighted up red/pink screen and the green start to flicker and no trouble codes show up on the diagnostic display.

Do you think it has to do with feeding the PJ interlaced signal ? or it`s just a coincidence ?

And what could be the problem...

Appreciate any help,

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