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It was suggested on the Official Sony KD-34XBR970 thread that I post this query here. If this is inappropriate, please tell me where to go :)

We have had the 970 for about 6 months and mostly use it for watching DVDs and OTA HD sporting events and a few news shows. It gets about 2-4 hrs use 4 times a week. I calibrated it right away and, normally, everything is the way I would want it to be. However, in the last 2 weeks it has done something weird 3 times. About an hour into watching a DVD, the screen flashes very briefly, as if it were one scan. The flash is the color of an incandescent light. It has never happened more than once in the period we were watching it. Has anyone ever noticed anything like this on the 970 or any other tube set? I have never seen anything like that in a long life of watching TV. Could a gun be going or something shorting out? Could it be my Sony DVD deck? Should I worry at all? Since it is intermittent and not reproducible at will, I can't say anything more intelligent about it. But, it is worrisome.
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