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intermittent hum

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I have a fairly budget Phillips 5.1 home system. A few years back my bass started making a deep humming sound. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me after a few hours of troubleshooting so I ended up keeping it turned off. A week later I turned it back on with the hope is would have fixed itself and it did! No more hum.

Now I'm in a new house and just had some wiring done in the same area as my home theater (the same Phillips system). The day after the electrical work it started to hum again. I dug through these forums and this is what I have tried:

1. Plugged it into a different part of the house. No different.

2. Replaced the subwoofer cable. No different

3. Bought a Monster AV800 surge protector/filter...

The Monster fixed it! For about 15 minutes and now it's humming again. The hum flucuates with the subwoofer volume: turn up the volume and the hum gets worse. Unplug the sub-cable and the hum goes away. Touch the plugin on the back of the sub and it immediately comes back.

Do I simply have a faulty sub?
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Tell me you can return the Monster surge protector. Then tell me you are going to buy a better sub instead of fooling around with your budget sub. I am very happy with Sony's 100 watt SA-WM 250 that I got from Crutchfield's for $106 (includes Three Day Select UPS shipping).
Heh heh! The surge protector is a bad idea, huh? I can return it but i might keep it because I was using a simple power strip before. Plus this one allows for the large power bricks without taking up two+ slots.

I see that Circuit City has the subwoofer you mentioned on sale. I think I'll pick it up.

Thanks for your reply and advice.
I got that same sub from Circuit City and I really like it.
I picked it up from CC last night. Sounds great!
Dear Inbound,

That you bought the Sony sub and are enjoying it has made my day! Go to these threads on this forum for a good laugh and just to see how nutty some people are: "My Sub Hit Bottom" and "Bass Shakers! 25 or 50 watt." You'll find my replies in these two threads!
Sequimalan, I suppose there's a thin, gray line between nutty and audiophile!
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