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Was watching the Oscars tonight on 46" Samsung LCD and every so often, the picture would jitter or stutter for a second. I immediately would rewind the broadcast via DVR and it NEVER repeated where it had just happened, so I don't attribute it to the cable box or the signal of the broadcast. I can only assume this is either a bad HDMI cable or bad HDMI port. Sometimes it would happen every few minutes....sometimes it would be 30 minutes before it happened.

A couple weeks back, the cable tech was 'hot swapping' HDMI cables with the TV and cable box ON. When I questioned him on it, he said it was no big deal. Might this have caused my issue? Could the port have become damaged?

In any case, going to try a new cable, but wondering if my issue sounds more like an HDMI cable issue or a port issue? I am no engineer.

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