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Anybody ever had interference problems using the remote control of a HK receiver? I am particularly talking about the HK AVR-144. Sometimes it works perfectly fine and sometimes it's intermittently working.

Is there a minimum distance that should be kept between electronic components? It's less than 1ft from a Pioneer Stereo Receiver (which is not being used) and an Oppo DV-980H DVD player.

I thought the subwoofer 2ft away from it was causing the interference but I already moved the subwoofer and am still experiencing the same behavior. Or do I just have a faulty unit?

EDIT: Noticed something, when the unit starts warming up, it starts the intermittent behavior, could it be that the receiver's remote sensor is affected by the heat generated?

Also found this thing below at Harman Kardon's FAQ:

5. Try reducing the amount of light in the room. Close the curtains over nearby windows on sunny days, or dim nearby lamps. Fluorescent lights and plasma televisions can also interfere with the functioning of the remote.

A 32" plasma is 2ft to 3ft away from the receiver, could that also possibly be causing it?
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