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Hello. A newbie here! I have a Sony DVD Player (model #: dvpnc85h) connected via HDMI to an Onyko Receiver (model #: TX-SR605S) which in turn is connected to a Samsung DLP TV (model #: HL-S5087W). Pretty regularly now, whenever I am watching a DVD on the Sony DVD Player...all of a sudden (with no warning signs!) my whole system shuts itself down (...it must be through the receiver, based on how everything is connected). After the system shuts down power, the standby/power light indicator on my Onyko Receiver will blink. Nowhere -- and I mean nowhere -- in the Onyko user's manual does it provide any thing on what this blinking light means.

Recently (within last week), thinking it was the problem, I replaced the HDMI cable between the Onyko Receiver and the Sony DVD. After trying the DVD player a few times, the shutdown problem appeared to go away. However, it now seems to be back again. My questions are many:

* Could it be that the DVD player is going bad

* Could it be that the receiver is overheating and the whole system is shutting down as a precautionary measure

* Could the NEW HDMI cable somehow be bad

Would you recommend me unplugging the DVD Player from the receiver and connecting it directly to my Samsung DLP TV via HDMI?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks..
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