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Internal plasma scaling Vs the latest DVD HDMI scaling?

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Several of you with new gen plasmas like the Fujitsu 5040, pio elite 1120, pio 5050, pio 5045 etc etc, have commented that your dvd's look best when run through component at 480i. Presumeably, this allows the panel to use its own scaler to optimize the picture.

Have any of you who have made this observation compared 480i through component to 720p via HDMI out of a top line DVD player like the new Denon 5910 or 3910? In other words, which provides the best picture in the newer plasmas? My guess would be 720p scaled through HDMI by a top line DVD player. If not, why spend for a pricey dvd player at all?

To put it yet one more way, If I had a state of the art Denon 5910 DVD player with the new Silicon Optix/Terranex processors feeding a Fujitsu 5040 upscaled 720p via HDMI, could I expect an improved picture if I switched to 480i via component cables? Should we expect the Fuji's or Pio's or NEC's processors to be superior to the Denon's. If so why?
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I will find out the answer to this question within a few weeks.

I have a Pioneer 4340 and a Denon DVD2910.

Currently using Component and 480i. Picture is AWESOME!!

I haven't purchased an HDMI cable yet. When I do I will compare.

I sure hope HDMI 720p or 1080i looks better then 480i and component. Otherwise I wasted about $400+ dollars on this DVD player.

I will also try HDMI and 480p.
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Thanks for your reply. I have had good luck in the past with forum sponsor RAM electronics. Their prices for DVI and HDMI cables are much more reasonable than the B and M stores, particularly for hard to obtain long runs. Please let us know your results.

If 480i over component is equal or superior to 720p over HDMI, all plasma owners are going to be saving a whole lot of money now and in the future!
But it would depend on what plasma you have.

Pioneer plasma owners might be saving some money.

I'll be selling my DVD-2910 if 720p or 1080i over HDMI doesn't look better then 480i component.
DVD players with HDMI outputs give you 2 distinctly different advantages:

1) An all-digital signal path, which can avoid a D/A and A/D conversion depending on your TV set's design

2) The ability to deinterlace and upscale within the DVD player.

If the TV's deinterlacing and upscaling is better than the DVD player's, you could still benefit from the all-digital signal path by sending 480i over HDMI. So I wouldn't send that HDMI-equipped DVD player back only because of a lack of scaling quality (although you might be just as happy with a cheaper HDMI-equipped DVD player if the scaling were all done in the TV).

I agree with all your points. That is why I'm curious about other poster's personal observations when running DVD to their plasma. The theory of HDMI being the superior connection makes sense, but the practice may be different.

I am particularly interested in Ken Ross's observations regarding this with his new Fujitsu 5040. The Fujitsu 5040 vs 5030 thread is an interesting read.

Apparently, very few scaling DVD players let you output 480i through HDMI. So, the question still remains. Perhaps this discussion would have been best posted in the dvd section of the forum. I had assumed most high end plasma owners would have a dvd with HDMI scaling and would be interested in sharing their observations.
So as of 12/4/2005, DVD players which output 480i over HDMI seem to be Pioneer 79, Sony 975, and a certain Marantz model. Now the question is: 8th gen Panny plasma using 480i HDMI vs. 8th gen Panny plasma using 480P or 720P HDMI.... which is better?

With HQV you'll most likely benefit the most from it's deinterlacing capabilities (and NR if you are into that). So using 480p into a Fujitsu would be the way to go. The scaler in the AVM of Fujitsu is top notch. Sending 720p means double scaling (once to 720p and then to 1366x768 in the plasma). Same for 1080i. The same could be said for the Pio, but I have no experience using the Pios.

I use an inexpensive LG combo dvd/vhs unit with my Fujitsu and if I try 480p with it it doesn't look nearly as good as if I use 720p or 1080i which looks best...guess it's double scaling but it still looks better.
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