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Internet access via D-Link DSM-520

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The only possible internet links I can find are those supplied by D-Link. All of those are subscription services for which there is a fee. I'm trying to access Pandora.com and/or Hulu.com. Does anyone know of a way to do this. I've even tried TVersity.com. This is another media server which is compatible with my DSM-520. While logged in on my computer I can access Pandora successfully through TVersity. However when I try to do the same thing via the DSM-520 I can't get it to work. According to the D-Link phone help service the DSM-520 will only connect to those sites D-Link supplies. My primary reason for getting the DSM-520 was to get internet media sites to my stereo and TV. Any suggestions?
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Don't see how you can get the DSM-520 to do something that D-Link won't allow it to do. It would require some kind of hack.

I have a Squeezebox Duet which works well to directly access Rhapsody and Pandora among others, directly from the Internet without a computer. But it's only for audio, no video.

Didn't you know the limitations of the DSM-520 before you bought it?
Yea, I have the -320, and it only works with the sites that it's pre-loaded with.

D-Link used software supplied by MediaMall called Active TV that used to allow access to Hulu. Since Hulu changed something on their end it no longer works. However, they are working on PlayOn that is currently in beta. Unoffically, it will play Hulu on the DSM-520. There are still some issues such as Hulu programs ending early occasionally.
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