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Hello, not sure if my question fits into the 'oh so dumb' category, but here it goes.

Part 1 : I have a Cable internet connection and the house has multiple sockets. Two of them are enabled. I have currently kept my wireless modem and desktop near the first socket - in the first floor.

On the ground floor, the other socket has a wire that is currently attached to my cable box. Cable and internet are provided by the same company. I have added a PS3 and a WD TV Live Plus to my home theater setup. How do I connect the other two devices to an internet cable?

Should I be looking at a device like this :

Part 2: I am currently posted outside the US. I would still like to continue using my netflix streaming - which works on my pc through vpn. But if I want to use the WD TV Plus, how can I make sure its connected through a vpn? I would actually like to use the same solution to plug in a cordless skype phone - as it currently cannot work due to lack of vpn again.

Thanks a ton

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