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I have to apologize for bringing this topic up again.

I have been using WinProxy for many years as my solution of Internet sharing. I had it run on an older dedicated PC. I loved the integrated virus check. WinProxy is no more and my subscription is running out within days...

So, I'm forced to migrate to something new.

Key requirements:

- Internet sharing

- Integrated virus check- Firewall

- Support of outbound IPSec

- Automatic AV update ( no prompting)

- automatic product update

- if a software (can run as a service without a need to log on)

- product support

On the PC side I found WinGate and recently UserGate as an alternative.

Does anyone here know more about either? Both seem to use Kaspersky AV.

Both not cheap compared to WinProxy.

There seem to be some HW products for SOHO and small business:

DLink: http://www.dlink.com/products/?sec=0&pid=486


and many more

Any suggestions going that route?

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Try Smoothwall ( www.smoothwall.org ) or Astaro ( www.astaro.com ) if you are wanting a software based solution. Both are expendable and can be run on an old PC. Smoothwall evens supports 4 interfaces (red-internet, green-inside, orange-dmz and purple-wireless) if you want to really max out your network options. Both offer free and supported versions.

If you are ready to go all out take a look at Checkpoint Firewall-1 or a Cisco ASA5505. Both aren't cheap at $500 and up but are hard options to beat if you are already considering Sonicwall.
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