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I am afraid both my buttkicker amp (BKA1000) and the amp in my SVS pc13 ultra have died.

Therefore, I am considering an Inuke 6000 DSP for a pair of buttkickers LFE on one channel and a SVS PC13 ultra on the other channel. Would this be possible? It would save me a lot of money.

Is it possible to completely separate and adjust the two channels with separate filters etc? - or would I need to buy two Inuke 3000 DSP instead?

The Buttkickers are 4 ohm (as far as I know)

The SVS driver is also 4ohm and the following specs:
SVS 13.5” extreme performance underhung Ultra woofer
SVS custom-tooled die-cast aluminum basket
Flat-wire, 3” diameter, high-power, high-temp, 8-layer, aluminum voice coil
Polyimide impregnated fiberglass former/bobbin
Dual 9", composite layered, linear roll, extreme excursion spiders
Integrated tinsel leads
Nickel-plated high-tension spring terminals
Proprietary injection molded gasket and parabolic SBR extreme-excursion surround
Composite pulp/fiberglass press layered cone with stitched surround
Low carbon 1008 steel components, electrophoresis black plating
FEA-optimized underhung motor structure for the lowest possible distortion
Copper shorting sleeve reduces gap induction and distortion, and enhances thermal conductivity
Dual Genox 8H/Y-35 high grade ferrite magnets
Oversized pole vent for greater cooling and low noise

The amp for the SVS Specs:
STA-1000D Sledge with 1000 watts continuous into 6 ohms nominal
High efficiency cool-running Class D switching topology
Detachable power cord with main power switch and ceramic fuse
RoHS compliant, lead-free construction and world-wide safety certifications
Auto-On / On switch with "green" standby mode
Stereo line-level RCA and balanced (XLR) I/O connections
Normal and Hi input voltage switch
Customized EQ and DSP limiter settings specifically for the PB13-Ultra
Variable tuning with 20Hz, 16Hz, and Sealed settings to match subwoofer port settings
Fully adjustable (frequency and slope) phase-correct speaker/sub digital crossover
Intelligent Feature Control (IFC) with bright LCD display
Two (2) digital PEQs with adjustable frequency, cut/boost, and Q values
Room gain compensation control with adjustable frequency and slope
Adjustable digital delay on main speaker line-level outputs to time-align the speakers and subs
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