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invalid format message????

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when changing channel from hi def the normal cable and normal cable to hi def i get a invalid format message on my screen enyone els have this problem???
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On what screen? Your receiver display or your TV screen?

Need more details, in other words. How is your cable box, sattelite receiver hooked up? How is your receiver hooked to your TV?
This message appears sometimes when I turn tv on.

I have HD through directv.Hooked up directly from reciever to lcd panel. It happens when the last channel viewed say is ESPN2 HD. When I turn tv back on, invalid format moves across black screen. When I move channel up or down then the channel will come in fine. If last channel viewed is say CBS-local channel, tv will turn on fine with no problem.

Any idea why this happens?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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