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Long time reader, first time poster, etc. If this is the wrong forum to post this - mods, please move it.


I bought my first flat panel TV (LG 37LE5300) on Friday. Up until this point, I've been watching my 26" Toshiba 1080i CRT for the past 6 years. I have a Samsung HTIB (HT-TX72) unit that I use as a receiver for my PS3 as it has one input HDMI port.

The problem arose right after I set up the new TV. When I try to run the PS3 through the Samsung player, I get an Invalid Input message. The problem isn't with cabling as I have tried connecting both the receiver and the PS3 directly to the TV with both cables and they work with no problems at all. I have tried resetting my PS3's video settings and I have tried setting the video output on the PS3 to 1080i like it was for my old TV. Nada.

I'm very confused. If it's not the cable and not the PS3 or the receiver - is it the TV? Any help would be appreciated.
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