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Alright so last month I picked up a Onkyo TX-NR727 and paired it with an Epson Powerlite 8350. I currently have speakers on all 7.1 channels (no second sub yet) I have the cable, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, my computer, spare HDMI for a lap top, and blu ray player (sisters bf hooked that up not me, kinda pointless when you also have a PS3 hooked up) all connected to it, I am pretty sure I am missing something because all the rear channels are in use I think. So far it has performed amazingly.

The PS3 is hooked into the last channel on the back of the receiver. First time using the PS3 when playing AC black flag the screen stutters some times and shows invalid format but continues to play sound. We hooked the Xbox to the same channel and never had an issue with it. The PS3 had no issues so far on the Game channel it was moved to. When you unplug and plug the PS3 back it the blank screen would go away for a while. We also swapped the cord itself with no change. Since this is the first instance of the PS3 ever being used with this set up I am leaning towards it being the play stations fault (there are many forums with this issue and the auto select output). I'm not too worried because I bought the 2 year extended warranty and the damn playstation isn't mine. Before we had the receiver it was plugged directly into either my Magnavox flat screen or his Samsung. In both instances there were no issues that we know of. Am I right in thinking it is the quality output of the PS3? Or is the projector having issues with the PS3? I wouldn't think that the receiver would be at fault as long as the signal is just going straight through it without any modification.

Sidenote. when the screen goes blank, sound does not cut out. This only happens with the PS3 on that channel. We have hooked up other devices to the same channel without any issues. The PS3 is going on 6 years old. The Xbox 360 is a first gen that I got second hand 7 years ago. Runs like a boss too. Any help is welcome.

Also posted this under the AV forum. Again, any insight is appreciated.
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