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I will be revamping our family room/home theater. The room is 16 x 24. The screen is in the center of the 24' wall. The couch is in the center of the room about 10' from the screen. The 24' wall behind the couch is a 1/2 wall with counter, open to the kitchen. Above that counter is a soffit with the PJ mounted inside and inwall 7.1's mounted about 11' apart, 6" below ceiling. The ceiling is 9' high. The front L/R's are inwall's, 11' apart. The couch is 11' wide, end to end.

Currently my 5.1 are surface mount CSW S300's on the 16' walls, thus are 24' apart from each other and 12' apart from the center of the couch. With my room set up 'sideways', I am not at all happy with the 5.1's. I use a PSL meter and calibration disc for my audio set up.

My question is this, i am thinking of doing in ceiling speakers for my 5.1's. I am wondering if anyone has their 5.1's in ceiling. If so, what makes do you recommend. Are they downfiring, angled or are their special ceiling mount surrounds available.


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I'm not too familiar with in ceiling speakers, but I'd think that you'd want them "somewhat" aimed at the listening area. I know I've seen ceiling speakers mounted angling towards the listener, so they are out there. I've heard positive things about the Mirage line for surrounds. They have a wider field of dispersion, which should be a plus for the surrounds.

EDIT: Are you looking for a large in ceiling speaker? Because most of the ones I've found via Google that are a single woofer with a tweeter (even from top names) have a rather high Fz cut off (like 180's). That wouldn't mix well with your sub.

LOL EDIT2: Here's are some lines you can look at.



RBH - Look for in/on wall.

Aperion Audio

Other than that, I'm at a loss.

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