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I am working on setting up my home and have come upon some situations that I am not sure how to treat.

To set the scene, I built the house from the ground up in San Francisco and had it wired with Cat5, Cat6, and 14 gauge speaker wire throughout. All the wires terminate in a media cabinetmeaning I have 30 Ethernet cables, and 30 pairs of speaker wire to work with. On top of that I have 2 coax cables available for use (one is currently connected to the Comcast cable box).

For the sound system I have installed a Nuvo Grand Concerto and a Nuvo Music Port Elite to handle the whole home audio. All 8 zones are assigned, I have slaved a few control pads for the larger rooms, and am researching how to treat the unpowered zones 7 and 8.

With the receivers I will be purchasing I want to be sure that I can integrate them on the home network so they work flawlessly with the Nuvo and can be controlled via IP as one complete system.

So here is where my challenge laysconnecting everything over an IP network to create an IP Home Automation system. I do not want to rely on IR or RF since I want to have iPads and iPhones work as remotes.

What I am looking for is help /advice for my next steps.

What receivers work well with the Nuvo Grand Concerto? (these receivers will not be Nuvo products since they will be supporting 2 separate media rooms with 5.1 and 7.1 surround).

What are the options for IP controls? (X10, INsteon, and the others all seem clunky).

How would I go about connecting everything from the TVs, Cable Box, Nuvo, 5.1 Reciever, 7.1 Reciever, Theatre Projector, Security Cameras, etc onto one IP controllable platform?

*I am hoping the answer is not along the lines of RS232 and a little more elegant than an IR control system. However, if these are the best solutions some advice and direction is much appreciated.

Any and all help is much appreciated.
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