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I'm looking at buying a used iPad off of CraigsList and wondered which one I should look for. I have two keys to my choice:

1. Performance from screen to screen. Most of my usage is email with links to AVS Forum. I want one that will bring up the AVS screen quickly and and minimize the time that the screen will fill with all the text and ads.
2. Watching Netflix with a smooth delivery of the video.

I believe my one basic feature I must look for is AC wi-fi support for video delivery. Other than that the question is price/performance. I'm assuming that the newer models offer a moderate improvement from year to year but are they actually measurable/feel-able in my usage. If there is one particular large jump in performance that would probably be the one for me.

Appreciate any help I can get from an Apple user. This is my first venture into Apple land other than an old iPad given to us by a daughter as she upgraded. It's nice for my purpose described above but is quite slow. I think it is an iPad 2.
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