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IR Blaster control - Doesn't work. What next?

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Ok, got my STV setup running quite nicely under my new HTPC. It's a Pentium 3Ghz w/1GB RAM, buckets of HD space (ok, only 400 GB, but I'm working on it.), and XP-Pro. So everything's going great, therefore it's time for something to go terribly wrong: IR control from the PVR-150 card doesn't appear to want to work. I'm running a Samsung SIR-T160 receiver for OTA and DirecTV. This is quite depressing...... is the Sammy receiver not compatible? There's a listing for it in the code selection of the IR setup. I know the IR wire works because signals are getting into the card via the remote and the blaster is flashing, but it's just not got the right code. I've gone through the regular trials and tribulations for troubleshooting this thing (including d/l the latest version of the IR program and codes), but I just can't seem to find a reason as to why it's not working.

Anyone else have this same receiver? Has anyone else had similar problems? Is there a way to learn codes into the system? I have a Pronto (NG3000) and am fairly adept at programming it, so I can only assume I'm at an appropriate level to program other IR gizmos. Is the horse dead and should I look into getting an external IR component and other software (IR Man + Girder)? Is there a solution I'm missing? I can't seem to find anything in the search around here (or at the SAGETV forum) with similar problems/hardware. I've been at this for three days now with no luck! I do have a tech support question into Happague as well.

Thanks in advance, gang.
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Hopefully I can help you with my setup. I have directv's regular box , the D10 model. I control that box through a telephones handset cord, on the back of the box its labeled low speed data. Check out this link and you will see the info on the adapter you need and you need to find out if your box can utilize this.


Now for controlling this badboy, I'm sure most of us on here are using this keyboard is the Lite on wireless IR keyboard. It comes with a IR reciever that plugs right in through the ps/2. After this all I did was program my Pronto tsu2000 to learn the desired keys.


For my frontend I use Sage tv which supports controls for the low speed data.

Hopefully that can help you out.
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That would be ideal, and I have looked at that option, but there's no low speed data port in the rear. There's only a telephone jack. On top of that, I went with a gyration RF keyboard+mouse so I wouldn't have to worry about line-of-sight issues.:(
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