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IR codes for RCA UTV?

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My RCA remote's JumpAhead button stopped working for me about two weeks ago. I recently purchased a RadioShack 6-in-1 Kameleon remote. I was able to teach the remote the IR codes for the buttons that work on my RCA, but I can't teach it the JumpAhead command.

Is there a list of IR codes for the RCA UTV remote itself? I've searched high and low and have turned up empty so far.

Many thanks!

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Some time back I had an issue where my RCA UTV stopped responding to DTV commands from the remote...

I decided to open my Remote and see if there was a bad contact...

I learned later that I only had to "reset" the remote by pulling the batteries and pressing 1 for 60-90 seconds. The remote was good as new again.

If you haven't tried this yet... give it a try.

I had posted pics of my open RCA remote and noted the placement of "clips" that hold the remote togeather...


I suspect your remote might simply need some contacts cleaned...

If you can't restore the contacts you might be able to "learn" the code from the board anyway while it is outside the case... just use a different "contact" button and tap the contact you want to learn... (with batteries "in")

Try the "reset" first... the RCA UTV remote is built like a clam it doesn't want to be opened...

Good Luck,
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Originally posted by artw
but I can't teach it the JumpAhead command.

Is there a list of IR codes for the RCA UTV remote itself?
The jp1 yahoogroups forum allows use of a special connector on a number of remotes (the Kameleon included, I believe) to build upgrades and special codes for unknown devices. I used it to build an upgrade for my Radio Shack 15-2104 and URC-8811 remotes.

I think the code you may want for "jump ahead" is 152.


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An old H card good for popping things like that open, and it doesn't leave any marks like a scredriver does.
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