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this may be a common issue, but is the 2nd time i've run across it.

i'm installing a video distribution system using the following:

samsung 55" tv

russound vm1 (8 component video outputs)

russound combo of CAV and CAM (uno s2 keypads)

panasonic dvd player (local source)

motorola shaw PVR

the way the IR is routed is the following:

xantech LCD dinky link receiver at the TV with approx 8' of cat5e to the block, xantech IR connecting block in the local source cabinet (right beside the tv), (**this is where it gets tricky**) IR output from the xantech connecting block travels over approx 30' of cat5e to my middle atlantic server rack (which houses my russound amps and video matrix as well as 2 motorola pvrs) and the IR 'bug'/emitter is placed onto a russound UNO s1 keypad in the rack (hooked up in parallel to the UNO s2 from the appropirate zone).

IR output from the russound IR source (source #4) is hooked up to the shaw box directly.

ok now the problem:

when i use my original shaw remote to control the pvr down at the rack through the IR control in the room (all video distribution works fine and is operational), the remote is intermittent at best. if i hold the remote within 1' of the xantech IR receiver at the tv, it works significantly better.

this issue also exists with the calrad xlobby media server IR control.

in the past, i've used the russound remote in place of the shaw remote when i first encountered this issue. it worked from different distances.

using a harmony one remote, i've learned in the motorola pvr's remote into analyzed and raw form, as well as learned the russound IR signals.

any suggestions? let me know if you need any additional information.
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