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Hello remote folks. Haven't been in here for a while. I've been using harmony remotes with the older version of this IR setup -> http://www.smarthome.com/59501/Smart...-System/p.aspx

This has worked pretty well with my components, which include a plasma. Not always perfect but good enough to pass WAF. My comcast box has it's own setup, with a IR receiver that plugs into the back of the cable box via miniplug. This seems like a cleaner setup with less margin for error, so I use it instead of the IR system.

Is there anything like this for an htpc, maybe a card that has a miniplug input? I suppose I could do basically the same thing with a usb dongle and a length of usb cord.

I'm currently using the iMon IR that came built in my antec fusion case. It doesn't seem to work quite as well as my other devices. Sometimes it's fine, other times it's laggy, gives double commands, no commands, etc.

Maybe it's not the IR handoff at all, but the iMon software? Does anyone use iMon with success? Any tips to tweak it?

Maybe I'd be better off with a different IR receiver for the htpc. I don't want a usb dongle, are there any that you can integrate into your case and tie them to an internal usb port? Or maybe if not, I can mod one to do so. Any recommendations there?

Thanks for your help, tips and ideas avs'ers!
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