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IR Emitter Questions

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I have two questions related to IR emitters...

1. My source equipment will be located approx 25' away from my IR connecting block. The emiiters supplied with the connecting hub are only 10' in length. Can I use just a basic 3.5mm mono mini jack extenter wire to run them the extra length (ie. something I could buy at RadioShack/The Source), or do I need to use something more specific since it is IR?

2. I won't go in to details describing my specific situation since it is fairly complex, but I'm basically wondering if it is possible to have two emiiters overtop of source IR sensor. I know you would typically 'stick' one emitter directly over the sensor, but I'm not sure if it needs to be completely over top or if I have 2 partially covering the sensor will it still work? Alternately another option would be to have one emitter over the sensor, but then have some sort of splitter that would communicate the signal to two different (& fully independent) IR Hubs... again this might be possible using basic 3.5mm splitters/mono extenders.

Thanks in advance.

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The simple answer to your first question is Yes. I have made runs for IR over 35' but it was with a connecting block with an external power supply. As for the 2nd question I try not to stack the emitters but it can work depending on your equipment. If you are using a connecting block, all the outlets should be parallel. I hope this helps,

The two emitters on one piece of equipment will generally work. Before you finalize their location, test them (scotch tape or something), but it will generally work. No issues on the extension cable as Chris said.
Why not use a Xantech 282TP emitter? Two sources, one emitter head. Diode isolation keeps one system from interfering with the other. Do "not" simply use a y-adapter to connect the two systems together.

I am doing something similar, but will use a Xantech CB12 at the far end. And if you get emitters with the red (or opaque) shell, you can stack them atop one another as they will pass-thru the IR signal. The solid black obviously won't work.

Not to hijack this thread, but can you use other emitters with the Xantech equipment? Such as those from Buffalo and Speakercraft?
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