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IR Expansion and Channel Plus 3025

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I have a Channel Plus 3025 for RF distribution and it is working fine. The problem now is that I need more than the two IR emitters. I found the Channel Plus 2174 but some sites claim it doesn't work with the 3025.

So my quesion is what are my options? Can I build one that does wrok? Anyone know why the 2174 doesn't work with the 3025 (they are both 5V systems compatible).


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I am using the CP 2174 with my CP 3025 with no problems. I am running the IR cable through my AV receiver though (IR in - IR out). See this thread for details. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck.

I was in a similar situation and I picked up two generic three head ir emitters and they worked great... I think they came from an x-10 kit, but I am not sure. Gave me control of six devices. Plus you can get bridges and blocks to increase the number of emitters...

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