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I'm trying to decide what sort of remote extender kit I need. I have, in the same room, on the same rack, a:

- Panasonic TC-P65VT60 TV

- Denon AVR-X4000 receiver

- Sony BDP-5100 Blu-Ray player

- Motorola DCX-3510M cable box

- Toshiba A3 HD-DVD player

- Roku 3

- Harmony Smart Control

The Harmony Smart Control works fine for basic functions, but does not map all the functions I use on the native remotes. The Android remote control apps for the Denon and Panasonic are okay, but I still like to use the native remotes.

I have read much about RF remotes, IR extenders, etc., but cannot determine what is the best and/or cheapest way to control all these devices with native remotes without line of sight between the remote and the given device.

It seems that just plugging an IR Blaster into the Denon's rear remote jack work for that one device, or that a kit like the Xantech Plasma Proof Kit work, and the Next Generation Remote Extender Plus work for two devices of the same brand (which is not my case), the Monoprice Dual Band Repeater work with a big plasma around, and so forth.

Can anyone give me the For Dummies 5,000 Feet View of what I need to be looking for. My end goal is to be able to use the native remote for each device without line of sight, in the same room, on the same subnet (if IP becomes a possible solution)?

Thanks. I hate to display my ignorance, but the more I read about this the less I seem to know, and Denon support was, as usual, not much help.
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