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IR remote controller ceiling fan?

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I searched this forum a couple of months ago, but did not get a conclusive answer so I will just ask directly: Does anyone know of a ceiling fan that can be controlled with an IR remote? Even an IR on/off wall switch would work, but nobody knew about on of those either. I guess dimmers like the Lutron spacer don't work with ceiling fans....any other thoughts?

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You can use an X-10 controller (wall switch) and and IR to X-10 transmitter.



You can then program your universal remote for X-10 control of the fan.
I had one back at my parents house. T'was good. I am in Australia, though, so I don't know if they're available in the US. The definately do exist, though.
At Lowe's in the ceiling fan area, they have a solution for you. They have an RF module (it MIGHT have been IR, but I am pretty sure it was RF) that connects inline with the fan's power. Then you can use the RF remote that came with it to control the fan and leave the fan pull switch on high. The remote can control the fan light and the fan speed.

If you want to use a Lutron IR switch, there is a way, but you can not control fan speed. It is just on or off only. You have to connect the power from the Lutron switch to a 120 volt relay that can handle at least 1.5 times the amperage that the fan draws. Then connect the relay to an unswitched circuit and then to the fan. The Lutron will "signal" the relay to open/close the circuit that feeds the fan. You will have to buy a relay and the base for the relay. Remember, this will let you turn the fan on and off, but you can't control the speed of the fan.
Here's another option for you.

I just grabbed this off Home Depot's website:


Hunter All-Fan" Remote Control

Hunter Features:

Separate buttons for 3-speeds plus instant "Off"

Full range light dimming (300 Watts)

Unique switch plate holder included

Works on all makes of fans

Receiver fits inside of fan canopy


Goes for about $40.00. Seems like Hampton Bay may also have some remote controlled models (but they're a little more pricey than this option).

Good luck!

- Ed.
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