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I have another IR543 for sale.

The IR543 can be used to control your household lighting, appliances, through the use of X10 compatible lamp, light switches, appliance modules. Example: When you plug a lamp into the X10 compatible module you will be able to control that lamp from anywhere in the house using the IR543 which will be plugged into an AC outlet in the house. You are able to control 16 Unit Codes with ALL LIGHTS ON or ALL UNITS OFF and from the unit you are able to control 8 modules and/or switches for ON, OFF, BRIGHT, DIM

The following functions are available:

All Units Off (16 UNIT CODES)
All Lights On (16 UNIT CODES
individual units (1-8)-ON, OFF, BRIGHT, DIM

The best part about the IR543 is that it is an IR (Infrared) converter. So what that means is when you use a remote control, such as a Harmony Touch or Ultimate or older Philips Pronto, when you program that IR Unit code into your remote and point it at the IR543, the IR543 will convert that IR signal into X10 (household wiring) language and in turn control your X10 modules, and light switches.

I have mine set up in my Harmony Ultimate remote control as a macro (Activity in Harmony lingo). So when I want to watch a dvd, part of the macro is to turn off some of my home theater lighting and to dim some others. then when I am done with everything and shut down all the AV devices from the remote, part of that sequence is to turn all of the respective light on again. When I go to bed, I have another X-10 mini controller on my nightstand to shut off those home theater lights.

The photo shown is the unit you will receive.

Please send me a PM (Private Message) for further information.

Manufacturers description:

Product Description

Lets you use an infrared remote controller to transmit up to 16 X-10 IR commands to turn on lights and appliances connected to X-10 modules. It also includes buttons to control up to 8 X-10 products directly from the console, including "All Lights ON/All Units OFF" and intensity control of incandescent lighting.


If you own an X10 Universal remote, you will not need to use an IR543 Mini Controller to receive commands from the Remote - the Transceiver Module (PAT01) does this for you and has the added advantage of working through walls.

If however you already own some other brand of Universal remote, it might have X10 IR codes in its library, or, if it's a learning remote, you can teach it X10's IR control codes. To control X10 modules with this remote you will need to purchase the IR543. The IR543 receives X10 IR codes and retransmits them over you existing house wiring to be received by X10 modules. This lets you control lights an appliances from your existing Universal Remote (providing it has X10 IR codes in its library).

Plug the IR543 Command Center into any convenient 12OVAC outlet.
Set the Housecode dial to the same letter as your X-l0 or plug ‘n power modules.
Set the bank switch on the IR543 for the group of modules you want to control from the IR543's keyboard (1-4 or 5-8).
To control lights and appliances from the IR543's keyboard:
To turn a module on or off, press and release the corresponding number button for the Unit Code set on the module, i.e. 1, 2, 3, or 4 (or 5, 6, 7, or 8). Then press the ON button or the OFF button on the IR543's keyboard.
To dim or brighten lights connecte4 to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules, turn the module on as in step 1 above. Then press and hold the dim or bright button until the desired brightness level is reached.
Press All Lights On to turn on ALL lights connected to Lamp Modules and Wall Switch Modules which are set to the same Housecode as the IR543. Note: this affects ALL 16 Unit Codes (not just 1-4 or 5-8).
Press All Units Off to turn off ALL modules (including Appliance Modules) which are set to the same Housecode as the IR543. Note this affects ALL 16 Unit Codes (not just 1-4 or 5-8).

Ships free to the USA only with USPS First Class Delivery Confirmation
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