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Last year I created a channel on Freenode IRC Server called


This is a free service to anyone with an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client,

which allows you to chat with real people in real time to discuss a wide

variety of topics, and is open 24/7.

Individual schedules will determine who is available in the channel to be

of assistance, so please be considerate of others and try back again

if no one is available.

Any discussion concerning Over-the-Air DTV, DTV Technology, and the

like is welcomed in my channel. Please note that a FAMILY ATMOSPHERE

is to be maintained at all times.

Please feel free to join us and participate.

We want to help anyone who has anxiety about connecting a DTV Converter Box,

obtaining coupons, etc., discuss antenna's and also RECEPTION REPORTS are


You may just sit in the channel as long as you eventually participate.

Please join us, and spread the word.

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