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When "Iron Man 3" hits theaters in Japan it will be offered in 4-D.

4-D effects make the audience "feel" the effects of the film in addition to viewing them.

The 4-D technology comes from South Korean company CJ Group which manages Asia's largest theater chain.

Theaters featuring the capability can include anything ranging from seat motion and vibration to jets or air and water, mist, strobe lighting, smoke, aromas, and bubbles.

Check out all of the effects here.

4-D isn't new to film.

4d movie effects bubbles

CJ Group

Bubble effects used with films in 4-D.

"Avatar" was the first film to screen in 4-D in Seoul, South Korea back in 2009.

4-D has been utilized in theaters across South America, Peru, Thailand, and Mexico.

The Los Angeles Times reported last summer that CJ Group will be working to incorporate this into 200 US theaters in the next five years.

The technology takes anywhere from 16-20 days to program the effects into a movie.

The film will premiere in Nagoya, Japan on April 26 in the new format. "Iron Man 3" will be released in the U.S. May

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/iron-man-3-will-premiere-in-4d-in-japan-2013-4#ixzz2RKFnQ4Me

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As per discussion with these fx system manufacturers, the strict definition of 4-D for public venues is effects excluding motion, motion is the fifth D in commercial venues.

I have taken claim and grandfathered the term 4D for Home Cinema as meaning 3D plus D-Box Motion, but none of this silly bubbles, spine poking, wind and fog machines. I am sure plenty japanese kids will enjoy thou....

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Soaring, the ride at Disneyland comes to mind when I hear 4D. Also MuppetVision and the Bugs Life theater, It's Tough to be a Bug, in California Adventure too except those don't have motion. This would be great in theaters as I loved all these attractions and tonight it really brought a lot to what I was viewing.
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