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I want to make an iOS TV remote app for my father. He is 80 years old and can no longer manage to use a "normal" TV remote control. Originally the idea was to make an app, built on MyURemote. Then I stumbled upon iRule and I think iRule is the better option.


I have tried to use the builder myself, but I found it too difficult. Therefore I prefer to have someone else to make it for me and I can pay for the work done.


What I want is a very simple and clean interface, limited to: power on, power off, sound up, sound down and 9-12 icons of his favorite channels. Absolutely no menu short-cuts or any other "buttons". Then lock the app, through Guided Access in iOS, so he cannot go out of the app. A bulletproof app for those with very limted technological capabilities.


The icons used can be the standard ones in the builder or brand new could be made in photoshop, depends on the price. I can supply the channel icons/logos as GIFs.


I would also need a PDF with a step by step guide for how to update the skin/interface in the builder. For example: Change channel icons, change the link between the channnel number and the icon etc.


I will also supply the information for the TV and router hardware. As I do not understand how the hardware from Global Cache work I would need your suggestion for how to do the set up. I am thinking Wi-Fi to IR (or is there another set up with an even "stronger" connection)? 


I have attached a simple drawing I made myself in Paint. It looks terrible, but you get the idea.


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