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Is 60 Hz flicker an issue with plasma video display?

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signals at a 60Hz like nstc, HDTV?
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NO. With all plasmas, even the bad ones, there is no flicker with any signal. It's inherent to the technology and one of the big advantages over CRT displays. It exactly like the difference between a CRT computer monitor and a flat planel computer display. Much easier on the eyes.
no flicker (even on PAL 50hz).

This is because plasmas are Sample & Hold devices that hold each pixel's light continually on, until it needs to change in another frame.

CRTs, on the other hand have the pixel turning on for a flicker of a second, before the beam moves onto the next "pixel" (not accurate - but more easily understood ; there aren't really any pixels on CRT, just contiunual horizontal lines...).

This is why Direct View & CRT projectors have flicker - since each "pixel" is only turned on for a very brief amount of time.
Sounds great Oferlaor, but its just not true in practice.

I see quite noticeable flicker on my TH-42PW3 in several situations. Certainly in bright daylight viewing, its quite noticeable. Not as bad as a 50Hz or 60Hz CRT certainly, but still there.

You also get line twitter, which many people regard as flicker. The de-interlacing is pretty good, but its not perfect; especially with video - as opposed to film - sources. Thin horizontal lines and some text can be seen to flicker quite badly because of line twitter. Just look at the "sharpness" test patterns in Video Essentials, for example. You would think you were watching an interlaced display!

Now is any of this a problem? Not really. But to say "With all plasmas ... there is no flicker with any signal" is completely untrue.


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the new Pioneer 503HDE/MXE displays have especially for 50Hz countries - Europe - a 100Hz progressive picture. But it is hard to find flicker on a plasma - maybe in direct comparison... .

No flicker? yeah sure...

Of course plasma do have this issue; input a 40Hz signal

and you see what i'm talking about.

i suggest you plug your computer and start playing with the Vf using soft like powerstrip. You can even have your screen acts like a stroboscope.

The higher the better, i run it at 100Hz in 856x480, i tried 120Hz but i got bad ghosting picture, probably caused by the components inside the plasma not able to handle high Vf.

Also if you want to really see how bad flicker is look to the right or left of the screen about 3 feet away from the edge and enjoy the flicker, don't look the plasma directly instead "look" at it in the surrounding area of your eyes...mmm maybe im not clear.

Anyway you are confusing video signal handling and plasma technology itself.
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I totally agree with some of the other posters. Working in front of 85Hz+ screens all day, I found the flicker on plasmas in some situations to be very noticeable. In concept it should be an active S/H pixel technology, but somehow in it's implimentation of either the display matrix or the rasterizer / scaler, flicker is getting in...

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