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Is 80mhz Enough For Component Switching On My Receiver?

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I've got a brand new Sony STRDE995S coming today, and it has two component video inputs. These are also called "HD Pass" and support a bandwidth up to 80mhz. Is that enough to produce crystal-clear HD images? And even if it is, do you guys still recommend just connecting the TV directly as opposed to running it through the Sony? Thanks for your help.
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I think you will be ok...............

A few years ago, 35mhz was considered the minimum...........

Dont worry..........
Thanks, dirk. You have any thoughts about the possibility of signal degradation when connecting through an A/V receiver? I've read some older posts with folks on both sides of the fence, but I'm figuring the technology has improved in the last six months or so.
60Mhz is enough for anything available today.

80Mhz gives you a little headroom and future possibilities.
Thanks, Az Barber. What convenience will connecting via the A/V receiver actually give me? Does that mean I won't have to manually change the input on the receiver when I change sources?

For HD switching 27mhz is what I've read as being minimum. I have a Denon with 50 and it's perfect.

Some units are coming out with 100mhz but they also do upconversion from composite and s/vid as well as mltiroom splits so extra juice is needed.

Peter m.
Probably more than you needed to know, but here it is anyway:

The question isn't "Can 80Mhz pass perfect HDTV images?" so much as "What's the bandwidth of the HDTV images being received?" in most cases. For instance, DirecTV offers HDTV options, and there's absolutely no way they require 35Mhz to perfectly reproduce (they're compressed digitally to save bandwidth in transmission). For the near future, I think 80Mhz will be just fine for you.
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