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My theater setup has stadium seating with two levels. The first level is close to the screen and lower than optimal height for viewing. The 2nd level is further from the screen and optimal height for viewing. It is slightly further than optimal distance for anything with 1080i/p quality, but a good distance for non-Blu Ray DVD or non HD TV. The setup works great for a full room or with a poor quality image, but in other situations I'd instead want seating at the optimal height and distance, which is the distance of the first row raised into the air a little more than a ft.

So one option is to have some sort of removable platform for the 1st row. I would use the platform in standard viewing. And I would remove the platform when there are enough people two need two rows or when viewing a lower quality image where sitting further back is desired. The problem is it would be a pain to move furniture around each time I wanting to change setups, particularly if it involved lifting furniture up on to a platform, rather than just sliding on the floor. Instead I'd favor some way to automatically raise or lower the platform with the touch of a button. I imagine products like this exist for construction and such, but they are probably expensive and not ideal for my goal.

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions for this situation?
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