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Is anyone actually happy with their HD931?

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I keep reading posts about everything that can go wrong with this player, but is anyone happy with it? I'm thinking I'll hold out till March or so when more players are available for my Z2.
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I've been happy with my 931 and HS10. The picture looks great and I've had zero problems loading or watching discs with it. No doubt better ones are around the corner, but this has been a problem free player for me that was a big upgrade in video performance from the 9000ES player it replaced.
I am very happy with mine. I have a 65" Sony RP and I get an excellent picture via DVI. I have 5 dvd players including an XP-30 and I feel the Sammy gives me the best picture.
I forgot to mention that I use a universal remote. The remote on the Sammy is very poor, but the universal remote solves that problem.
I am very happy with the picture image, the remote sucks and requires exact aim in order to work at all.

I have it hooked up to an HD plasma screen. 720p looks awesome on the plasma. There are some black crush issues, primarily with poorly made and/or very dark movies. Higher quality transfers show much better sharpness and depth of image compared to my "old" Panny RP56.

I will PROBABLY buy the next generation DVI upsacaled DVD player after they come out (may the best new product win!). I hope they will be better, but at the current price, the HD931 is not bad as an interim choice, and offers a much improved picture quality with none of the operational problems of the other brands.
Pls can some body answer? I thought, Sammy can upscale via component also, after hacking via service menue?
I use my HD-931 on a 13ft screen with a Sharp 10K DLP. The picture is outstanding. The 2 Sony progressive scans that I have can't hold a candle to the Samsung. Could there be some improvements...yes. I often do comparisions with my Sony and always go back to the Samsung!
Has anyone used the HD931 with the Toshiba series RPTVs - these are crt based the H83 model to be precise?

I am trying to narrow between the HD931 and the Denon 910?

Any comments?
So far so good HD931(Nov Build w/DVI cable inc)ans Sammy 56in.Only had it hooked up 2 days and so far watched Finding Nemo(outstandinPQ)and Bad Boys 2(No Black Crush noticed).One thing I saw was in a scene in BB2 when they go to the Capts house there was a lot of green tint to them.Not sure if it was the player,TV or the lighting in the movie..Yes the remote blows but so far Im happy!!
i use the 931 on an isf calibrated toshiba 65 hx 83 and i think the image is spectacular.great detail, vivid colours and depth. i have no point of comparison but i really can't notice any" black crush".
The PQ is a real knock out , but I have a major problem with lip sync. This unit will be taken back to the store. I'll wait for the bravo 2.
I have an HD931 with a Sony HS10 projector. The PQ looks very good to me, much better than the Panny XP30 that I had before. I think the biggest change is the DVI cable though versus upscaling of the DVD image since the HS10 has a good scaler. I have also noticed occassional problems with lip synch but can't tell whether this is a player problem or a problem with the DVD since it doesn't often occur. The HD931 remote is terrible (I use a universal remote).
I just purchased the 931 last weekend along with a new ht receiver. I have not had a great deal of time to spend with it yet but so far have had

some strange things happen. First off, the 931 is from Oct 2003 and has the dvi cable which I am using on my Toshiba 57HX93. The picture quality is

awesome and I am very happy with that but, I have seen lip sink problems

while trying to play a new 007 dvd in DTS mode. The sink works fine in

Dolby Pro LogicII tho. Secondly, I put in (only watched maybe twice) Lost

in Space while the 931 was set at 480P and it kept freezing briefly but kept

playing. Then I changed the 931 to 1080i and the dvd worked fine and did

not freeze at all. I haven't decided if I am going to keep the 931 or not yet. I need to spend more time this weekend to test it further. But I hope it works out for me cuz the pq is really great! Does anyone have any thoughts on the lip sink issue? I would appreciate any input on that matter.

Thanks! :)
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steviedude, while I've read about lip sync problems with the 931, Die Another Day is not a good one to test out for that. Many (most?) people have reported a lip sync problem with that DVD using the DTS track with a variety of players. There is no problem with the Dolby 5.1 track though on that DVD.
I am happy with the 931! I have it connected via DVI to my Samsung 46" Tantus HLN467W DLP monitor. I have a huge DVD collection and have watched 150+ movies on it.

If you can wait until June/July Samsung is going to be coming out with two new models DVD-HD941 and 841. Based on my good experience with the 931, I will be buying the 941 as soon as it is released.
I like my 931 with my hitachi 60 V500 LCD. I won't keep it forever and ever, but something will have to be quite a bit better at a comparable price for me to upgrade.
I've got both HD931 and V880, the 931 never locks of on me, it nerver stuttering, and it loads every DVD I put in there, even rental one that are badly scratched.

The V880 and the D1 is all hype, I had this thing not loading many DVDs first try, and it stuttering on few DVD, I had to power recycle this thing all the times (All these issues that I encounter was before the Mod). Now I just now spend about $100 on the mods, plus my time, now the only problem I got is stuttering.

So you ask me if I'm happy with my 931, of course I am, at least it's a very reliable player.

Now I heard people say they willing to wait for D2, Whhhy? the D2 is still use the same Sigma chip. And with other menufactures are come out more DVI players, and more to choose from, why stay with D2 or D3?

Remember, DVI works best with digital display, ie DLP or LCD.

You might think the Crush black with PC Standar DVI, 0-255, the true is -- you can't see the difference (Do a A / B comparision with V880 and HD 931, and You know what I mean).

Oh Remote issues with many people -- I am so used to 931 and I love it, I can push any button without looking at the remore. So get use to it. :)

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Have the 931 through DVI to a PA2OU Panny plasma...PQ is outstanding, significantly better than any DVD player I have seen and have had no significant problems with any DVD I throw at it. Have noticed very rare audio sync issues but not a big problem and likely more to do with particular DVD transfers/smudges than the 931. Remote did suck but got a Harmony universal remote and the problem was more than solved. As for black crush, not a noticeable problem for me...but this plasma does CRT quality blacks which might help to compensate for this over LCD, etc. i.e this might be more noticeable with other displays. The crush issue appears to be display dependent, as to whether one can see it, according to posts on this forum, so one would have to try it and see. Overall, not perfect, but at this price point, what is? The 931 is definitely worth a look and overall a great player for the price.

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Kudos for the 931!

Have this hooked up to a HLM437 via a Gefen 241 switch. It has worked very well with no real hiccups except for the occasional 4:3 disk that it insists on stretching to 16:9. I have noticed the black crush problem but that is really dependant on what's on the disk. Some of my disks are unwatchable using any system due to lousy masters or shoddy encoding.

The remote is a joke. I replaced it with the MX500 and it is more than powerful enough to do the trick.
I got the 931 last week. I have only had time to play 2 DVD's on it, one was "Winged Migration" (a most awsome nature documentary, highly recommended!) which played perfectly with incredible PQ thru DVI to my Panasonic PT-50LC13 with great Dolby Digital sound. The other was a brand new unsmudged unscratched pristine copy of "Titanic" (a gift). It was very disappointing due to: (1) the stupid super widescreen aspect (non 16:9) format with upper and lower screen black bars (wish they wouldn't release DVDs like that, nobody wants to watch 2/3 of the available screen, but I know that's not a malfunction) and more importantly my REAL issue here: (2) the audio sync was like watching a bad Japanese overdubbed flick.

Is this audio sync a problem of the 931 or a bad DVD (one would think "Titanic" would be a high quality release and there were no visable flaws. Has anyone by any chance watched this particular DVD on their 931?) or is this audio sync problem something that happens to other DVD players? If it's unique to the 931, back to Best Buy it goes.

Thanks in advance.
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