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is AVCHD today better than AVCHD of yesteryears?

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3rd gen HDV camcorders' internal compression engine is better than its 2nd gen which is already better than its 1st gen. Does the same thing apply to AVCHD?
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Yes. The most recent Canon HG10 has the best picture quality of any AVCHD camcorder and compares favorably to many HDV camcorders.
Thank you Ken!
PS: how many minutes of XP+ recording can fit to the HG10 HDD?
Dave, I believe it can record about 5 1/2 hours at the highest quality setting for HD.
Wow! That's good for my entire month's travel! And I assume I can do simple editing (cut parts of the footage) using on-board navigation right?
Dave, I'm not sure about that since I haven't actually used the cam. You might want to try Canon's website and see if you can get more info there.
Every time you hit the record button the HG10 creates a new file. You can easily delete a file on the camera but you cannot edit parts of a file. So from a practical standpoint you can get rid of clips you don't want but you have to eliminate the entire clip from hitting start button to hitting the stop button.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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