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I am in a market for a new camcorder.
I have Pan v700 and like it.
I want socond camcorder / upgrade.
My main usages of camcorder are:
- simple family trips/ inside events.
- high school sport events

That brings requirements:
- user friendly - standard camcorder format
- wide angle - for inside shots
- low light - for inside shots
- good zoom(x20) - for high school sport events
- 60p - for sport events
- reasonable price range. 1500 max
- 4K is very welcome, but i think it is too early for me to get into it. I don't have TV and i am not planning to get one in the near future. there are no enough good sources of 4K streams yet.

There is no good online test site anymore. Finding a good source to compare camcorders is a challenge.
I narrowed down to:
AX100(~$1600) AX33(~$999) vx870(~$850) and ... G30($831-referb from Canon)
4K is only 30p and usually a little worse in low light compare to HD recordings. So, I think I will rarely use it.

After looking at all the information, specs and test, it seems that G30 is the best camcorder, out of the list, that fits above requirements.
AX100 - zoom is smaller/rolling shutter - but generally very good everywhere else
AX33 - (-)CA, (+)BOSS, (-) limiting zoom, (-) low light(compare to G30)
vx870 - (+) good zoom x20, (+)has 120p, but (-) low light(compare to G30)

I am between vx870 and G30, but G30 seems has better colors.

do you agree with my findings in the?

Thank you very much for your thoughts!

Please, don't feel offended, by the post. This is just a hardware. operator makes actual footage.
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