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Is GOM 701 best material to use to cover screen wall?

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I am going to deaden the screen wall. Is 2" enough, or does it have to be 4". I know 4" would be better, but I'd prefer to not lose that much length if possible.

My main question though, is GOM 701 in black the best material to cover up the insulation?

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GOM will work...for me it looked too much like burlap. Others have used Celtic cloth.....myself, I used stretch velvet and I'm much happier with the way it looks.

As for the insulation, most people use 2" of Linacoustic. I'm assuming when you refer to insulation you mean Linacoustic and not the standard pink "fluffy" stuff (very technical description).

I treated my front wall with Linacoustic and it made an incredible difference....going from 1" to 2" seemed to not deliver much bang for the buck but that is just my untrained ear. Seems like 1" is good...2" is better....but at least 1" is highly recommend based on my experience.
In my prior home there was a large difference between 4" spaced one inch off the wall and 2" attached directly to the wall. While 2" was a big improvement over nothing, it wasn't really close.

In my current home I used standard 6pcf 2" thick 2'x4' fiberglass panels,and spaced them around 1" off the wall, and it worked well. I can't comment on the delta versus 2" alone as I never tried it.

The fiberglass panels were bright yellow, and it took two layers of cloth to hide them well. If you could find black fiberglass panels you'd be able to get by with a single layer of cloth.
Wouldn't stretch velvet not allow the full spectrum to pass through? I thought it had to be a very breathable material?
In my last screen wall remodel I used Hancock fabrics micro velvet. Only the sub-woofer is behind the fabric, the rest fire thought the SMX screen. I use to have the GOM FR701 but switched.
But doesn't the velvet block absorption and bounce back the mid to high freqs back into the room?

Oh, and I'd really appreciate your advice in my other thread where I detail what I plan to do on the front wall for deadening if you get a chance BIG.

There is a significant difference between velvet and stretch velvet....stretch velvet is very breathable material. The key is to ensure the grain of the fabric all runs the same direction from panel to panel. Also, it looks different depending on the direction the fabric is hung.

At the end of the day, it looks much smoother than GOM and matches the velvet on my screen frame rather well.
I used 701 on the screen wall but I build a shadow box for just the screen and lined that with black fidelio velvet.... amazing how black it is.... highly recommended.
So would either of these work?

Stretch Velvet from Joanna's


Micro velvet black from Hancock:

Joanna's is WAY cheaper... so I'd go with that unless it isn't very acoustically transparent... anyone used both of these?
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