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I purchased a Marantz SR6007 AVR and two Martin Logan Motion 4 bookshelf speakers about one year ago. I have them in a bedroom connected a 70" TV. I placed those little Martin Logan Motion 4 speakers on stands right at the foot of the bed and they sound great to me, excellent for dialog during movies, exceptionally clear. But they are 4ohm speakers. I just purchased two Klipsch Icon KF-28 Floor Speakers and they are 8ohm. I picked them up for $250.00 normally they are $450.00. Those are the only speakers I have right now.

My question is, (without hurting anything), is it Ok to hook up both 4ohm Martin Logan bookshelf speakers at the same time for use as one Center Channel Speaker and use the 8ohm Klipsh Floor speakers for the two Main Speakers? Would the Audyssey MultEQXT on the Marantz SR6007 be able to deal with that situation? Would it run hot or anything?

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