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Is it possible dead pixel on G-15 is something else?

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Which dealer is that, if I may ask? =) (I'm looking to buy one soon.)



p.s. Sorry I don't know the answer to your question.

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If the pixels all work with the flat color fields, then it's not a dead-pixel problem. But it also seems strange that a scaler or connection problem would show up as a particular dark or colored spot on your screen.

Of course there a a dozen areas to check from the actual screen (insects) to different video (VHS, DSS, DVD) and computer inputs. Using different cables.

It's always a process of elimination, first determining what isn't the problem and narrowing it down to what the issue really is.

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wintr, I've sent you a private message.
I was talking to my dealer yesterday about the dead pixels on my G-15, and I told him that the dead pixels did not appear on any of the colored fileds that appear when there is no input to the G-15. But they do appear on some of the same colored fields on the Avia disk, and on any video signal being input. He suggested that the problem might not be a dead pixel, but a problem eletronically with the scaler or something else in the G-15, as he thought it should appear on the colored fields the G-15 puts out if it was only a dead pixel. Does anybody have any thoughts on whether it might not be a pixel problem, but some other type of problem? It does seem strange to me that it does no appear on the fields created by the unit itself. I have tried contacting JVC, but let's face it, trying to talk to a live person at PVC Professional Products is like trying to get through to President Bush or Michael Jordan. Foggetaboutit.

(BTW, my dealer has offered to replace the unit so this is not an instance where he is trying to convince me to keep the unit or anything like that. The dealer has been very helpful.)
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