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I have a Pioneer VSX-1122-k, Motorola cable box with Comcast service, and a Panasonic 55 GT50 Plasma. Prior to getting my Pioneer I had my cable box set (via going into the service menu) to "native," which allowed unprocessed video signals to be handled straight by the Panasonic, which is always more desirable than having cheap set top boxes do up conversion. When I added my Pioneer, since it has a Marvell chip, I set it to 1080p for up converting. After I did so I noticed a day later that my cable box light was set constantly to 1080p output. Funny, I thought, so I went back into the cable box service menu and re-set it to native--it not being desirable at all to have both the cable box and receiver both upconverting video signals. But the same thing happened then and twice more. Is it possible that the Pioneer somehow, through it's setting at video upconversion to 1080p, is somehow sending a signal back to the cable box that makes this happen? Or is it some other factor? Thanks for any help
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