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Is it possible to blow a sub with these

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I downloaded a bunch of them and played them through my polkrm6750 system (Have the sub that came with it still

And it was really shaking my room. My question is this

Is that bad for the sub and is it possible for me to blow it that way? I had it on around 40 volume (i use that a lot with no problems)
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I would think that if you're being careful about your output levels, and not being just silly with the volume, you shouldn't have any problem.

But that's just my opinion, I'm far from an expert.
I kind of heard some kind of rattling noise in the s ub box so maybe I should just stop playing them to be safe lol
I'm a novice as well but I've read that sine waves can fry the voice coil in your sub in a heartbeat. Proceed with extreme caution.
Sine waves are pretty hard on amps, a lot harder on them than music listening, even at high volumes. If you heard a rattling noise, it was probably the driver reaching it's excursion limits. You were probably clipping the amp as well.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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