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I'm trying to set up a low power mediaserver to run with a crappy lexsor 32" LCD TV.

It will only accept 1024x768 on VGA, I can choose the correct resolution (1366x768) in windows, but it just creates a virtual desktop that scrolls around with the cursor, and in a VERY blurry quality.

I am so unfortunate that the micro-ATX barebone mainboard has a SIS graphics adapter integrated (SIS Mirage 1 on 964 chipset)

If I set the screen resolution to 1024x768 I get a perfect 1:1 pixel mapped picture. I just get the wide black bars on both sides.

I can stretch the picture with the TV's zoom function, which also gives me a very sharp picture, though it's stretched.

I know I can't use Powerstrip to make a new resolution as I'm running on a SIS adapter.

But is it possible to sort of "squeeze" the 1024x768 resolution so that it will have the right aspect ratio when zoomed to 16:9 (1366x768) on the TV?

Please help


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